Review of books: White Girl Problems & Psychos by Babe Walker

Okay, so if you are anyone who is interested in reading or just simply on the social media bandwagon then you have definitely come across her instagram page of “White Girl Problems.” It is basically just a page full of memes and super relatable things to anyone ages 20s-30s. Like most instagram famous accounts, it seems to go no further than that platform of fame, but this one is different.

There are two New York Times Bestsellers by Babe Walker; White Girl Problems & Psychos. The books are as crazy, obnoxious, and ridiculous as their titles, but also superbly amazing all in the same way. The stories are a run through of Barbara Walker aka Babe’s life, which consists of shopping, being rich, staying thin, being rude and surrounding herself with the people who have the same goals as her: shopping, being rich, and staying thin. Throughout the book, I found myself laughing, eye rolling, and sometimes feeling sorry for the character. It is seriously a roller coaster of just stories and emotional breakthroughs and breakdowns that lead her to rehab for her traumatic situation at Barney’s where she spent a total of $246,893.50. Following the tragedy, she flew herself to rehab and discussed her problems about shopping which the other people deemed her issues simple and ridiculous hence “white girl problems.” Psychos is the sequel to WGP, and takes you on the second half of Babe’s life after rehab. In the beginning, the hope for Babe is strong and she might change all her bad habits but with the level of intense from the writer you know you are going to be taken through an adventure that seriously would only happen to this character.

With that being said, this book flooded me with a handful of different views and emotions, but overall I am thrilled to have finally read these books. Check them out!!!!! 🙂