My Daily Commute

I started officially commuting into the city two years ago when I moved out of the city. At first I was against it because living on the upper east side and having a 15-20 minute train ride straight to class, internship, and a world of midtown fun was ideal for any person. I looked for apartments in all boroughs with friends and alone but nothing really seemed worth it to me. Yes, it’s all about experience and if you really search you can find some great places to live but New Jersey (where I’m from) is just a hop skip and jump away from New York. I made the adult choice and decided to move back home and try on the commuter life.

AHHH! The words I said out loud and screamed in my head about my first commuting experience. I questioned myself as to how do people do this everyday? What is wrong with them? But over a year later and I’m one of those people and it’s become second nature to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here and telling you jump on the next train or bus and you’ll be grinning ear to ear about commuting, but once you get use to it, it does get a bit easier. There is days where you will go have to deal with standing (by choice), angry bus drivers, angry and cranky commuters and when you hit port authority bus terminal, welcome to the world of tired zombies zipping by in every which direction to get to their destinations. Best way to keep a good attitude; headphones, book, coffee and keep your head up and eyes straight, and may sound strange but, SMILE.


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