Mexican Food

It may seem so cliché that I love Mexican food, so basic right? But my obsession for it goes way back before Chipotle was the greatest thing ever. Sounds crazy, but the idea that all the best foods could be squeezed into an amazing tortilla and make me feel full for hours were close to perfect. No matter what kind of day it is or what day of the week it is Mexican food is always the answer. All jokes aside, WHO DOES NOT LOVE NACHOS? It is like a burrito inside out and it makes it okay to be a messy eater and is the great snack for happy hour. Now don’t get me wrong I have not been to every Mexican place around (even though I wish I have been), these are just some of my favorites:

  1. Dos Caminos
  2. Lucy’s Cantina Royale
  3. Cowgirl Seahorse
  4. Blockheads
  5. Mad Dogs & Beans
  6. Agave
  7. Mary Ann’s
  8. Javier’s (Newport Beach, CA)
  9. Maya’s
  10. Anejo Tribeca

Lucy’s has AMAZING nachos that will make your mouth water for days! They also have top of the hour shots. PERFECT to go along with those NACHOS.

Mad Dogs & Beans has the best margaritas around and some great Mexican food. GO TRY IT!

Agave = FANTASTIC Brunch: 2 hours unlimited wine, mimosa, or margarita with food. Their huevos rancheros is my go to EVERY time I am here.

Anejo Tribeca = AMAZING Brunch; Super quiet and dark inside. They don’t take parties bigger than 6 people. SUPER strong margaritas! Great Saturday Brunch spot!

Thanks for reading & I will happily take any suggestions for delicious Mexican food!


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